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The Divine Miss Em suggests we write so that readers say
“I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off.”
A stretch for mortals’ brain muscles, but let’s walk the Dickinsonian way
One’s “reach should exceed his grasp,” lest heaven scoff.
Wait –  what if Mis Em merely meant – put one under a migraine’s sway? 
If so,  conjure up the poetical equivalent of caffeinated aspirin; give it a quaff!

Let’s go for sureties. Billy S., Johnny Keats, & a veritable plethora of other lads insist
Lovers live forever if your verse does. Get the beloveds to up social media Likes – to persist.

Jack Donne, Georgie Byron, & Vinnie Millay urge stanzas rhapsodical
To facilitate getting down to matters intimately biological.

If you aspire to join literature’s canon, validate all those English majors’ burning eyes 
As they fret and toil over college entrance exams. Sesquipedalianize!

But of course you can set all the above at defiance
As long as you pack your poetic license.

For April 4, write a poetry prompt as a poem.

Author’s note: The image of the Norton Anthology came from an advertising site.


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